040/366″Battle Field”

040/366"Battle Field"
039/366″Battle Field”
I use to share a property line with this place for four months and never noticed the huge tanks in the front of it. I’ve been driving past it a lot at night and noticed how cool the light looked when it hit from the back of it. I finally decided to get a photo and the moment I drive into the parking lot the lights go off. The parking lot ended up being a one way loop past a bunch of large army equipment. At the end of it I pulled right to the tank in the tree’s I wanted to shoot. It was set up perfectly for how I wanted to shoot it. I was able to pull right up to it with my car and turn the headlights to bright.

039/366"Extra" 039/366"Extra" 039/366"Extra"
I got sick of my hair today and decided to buzz it off. Kyle let me use his razor.


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