042/366″ITboss” Kendall is BOSS! She has a great work ethic and can handle any situation. We had the camera go out on us today and she handled it no problem. First one in IT history that’s ever gone out. Of course it was to us on our first trip alone. 042/366″Extras” Advertisements

040/366″Battle Field”

039/366″Battle Field” I use to share a property line with this place for four months and never noticed the huge tanks in the front of it. I’ve been driving past it a lot at night and noticed how cool the light looked when it hit from the back of it. I finally decided to get … Continue reading


366/366”ITdone” Finished working today. I had an overall good time working with IT Cinema and shooting photos of dancers. It was tough figuring out when to snap the photo for a lot of the dances. I learned a lot and will definitely be better for the next time we do this. Dan King was great … Continue reading


035/366”Photographer” Today was a long day of shooting photos. We arrived at 7am and left at 10:30pm! I’ve never shot more photos then I did today. Even though it was such a long day, time seemed to go pretty fast. I had Dan take over for a few at the end of the day, but … Continue reading

032/366”Stand on Hands”

032/366”Stand on Hands” Today we went on a dog date/hike. Me, Kendall, Kyle and Kate took Micky and Piro up Shingle Town. The dog’s did great and we had a good time. The best part was watching Micky and Piro carry a stick together while walking at the head of the pack. 032/366″Extra”


031/366”Dreaming” I had a dream last night that I slit my dog’s throat. I don’t exactly recall why I had to do it but I remember it was a must. After I slit his throat I ended up carrying him in the cradle position and realized he wasn’t dead. I tried throwing him down to … Continue reading

029/366″Slow @ Work”

029/366″Slow @ Work” Today was a pretty slow day at work. We ended up leaving early to help save Tussey some money.. Kendall is sleeping in this picture, but she wanted me to note that before this she was the only one working while everyone else just sat around. She had relabeled a whole rack … Continue reading

025/366”View From Work”

024/366”View From Work” I ran up to top of Utah and took a long exposure of the freeway system along with a few of Bever Stadium. It’s the last night they are keeping the lights on for Joe. When I first took the pictures I didn’t think they worked out well. Glad to see they … Continue reading

022/366”R.I.P. Joe Pa”

022/366”R.I.P. Joe Pa” Rest in peace Joe Paterno 022/366”Extra”

021/366”Butt I Want to PLAY”

021/366”Butt I Want to PLAY” Micky will do anything for play. He’s the smartest dog I’ve ever met. I don’t know how we were so lucky to get him, and I feel sorry for the people that lost him… 🙂 021/366”Extra”