039/366″Rush Hour”

038/366″Rush Hour” I’ve been wanting to shoot a time lapse of the rush hour of kids that come through the rental shop every time I work. Today was extra busy for some reason, but it made for a better time lapse. 039/366″Video” P.S. will post video sooooon. Advertisements

038/366″What Snow”

038/366″What Snow”

037/366″Full Moon”

037/366″Full Moon”


366/366”ITdone” Finished working today. I had an overall good time working with IT Cinema and shooting photos of dancers. It was tough figuring out when to snap the photo for a lot of the dances. I learned a lot and will definitely be better for the next time we do this. Dan King was great … Continue reading


035/366”Photographer” Today was a long day of shooting photos. We arrived at 7am and left at 10:30pm! I’ve never shot more photos then I did today. Even though it was such a long day, time seemed to go pretty fast. I had Dan take over for a few at the end of the day, but … Continue reading


034/366”ITcarpet” We worked our fist day with IT CINEMA today. We arrived in Lancaster, PA around 11:30am and ate some food at Panera and started to setup around noon. Lucky for us we had TheOneAndOnly Dan King training us. Kendall and I both really enjoyed his company. After a pretty long set-up we went and … Continue reading


033/365”Helmet” I remember when I use to think wearing a helmet wasn’t “cool”. Then I had some sense knocked into to me and realized it was cool to wear one. What’s cooler then saving your life? I’m not sure if people realize what a head injury can do to you, I know I didn’t. It’s … Continue reading

032/366”Stand on Hands”

032/366”Stand on Hands” Today we went on a dog date/hike. Me, Kendall, Kyle and Kate took Micky and Piro up Shingle Town. The dog’s did great and we had a good time. The best part was watching Micky and Piro carry a stick together while walking at the head of the pack. 032/366″Extra”


031/366”Dreaming” I had a dream last night that I slit my dog’s throat. I don’t exactly recall why I had to do it but I remember it was a must. After I slit his throat I ended up carrying him in the cradle position and realized he wasn’t dead. I tried throwing him down to … Continue reading


030/366″Cooking” I’ve always liked to make my own creations in the kitchen. Now that I’m married it’s more motivating to create and save as many sweet recipes as we can. We’re always looking for new stuff to make. It’d be really cool to join some kind of cooking club or something like that. I’m definitely … Continue reading