• Why I started this project:

    My good friend Nicholas Swan contacted me and asked if I wanted to shoot a photo a day for the entire year of 2012. He was especially excited that it was a leap year and it would be a 366 project instead of a 365. I've been looking for a good excuse to start another 365 project since my last one, and I jumped at the opportunity to share the experience with Nicholas. There so much I learned about myself while doing that project. I didn't finish and can't wait to follow through with this one.

    -Cameron Card
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048/366”Tri Pod”

048/366”Tri Pod” Advertisements

047/366”Snow Again”

047/366”Snow Again”

046/366”Long Distance”

046/366”Long Distance”

045/366”Day of Love”

045/366”Day of Love”

044/366”Minus One”

044/366”Minus One” Kyle moved out to Colorado as planned today. We are all going to miss him a bunch, especially Micky. It was good living with him for the few months that we did. Hopefully we’ll get to visit him and my family all in one trip. He’s only a few hours away from my … Continue reading


043/366″ITbravo!” Shot a bunch of dance photos on this stage today. We got this in the morning while they were testing the lights out. It was terrible lighting. There were so many dark spots and hot spots all over the stage. Made for some interesting situations. I feel like I’m getting quality pictures, especially when … Continue reading


042/366″ITboss” Kendall is BOSS! She has a great work ethic and can handle any situation. We had the camera go out on us today and she handled it no problem. First one in IT history that’s ever gone out. Of course it was to us on our first trip alone. 042/366″Extras”


041/366”ITcousins” We just had to set up today in Woodbridge, VA. We set up real quick and met up with Kendall’s Aunt and Uncle and their two year old twins. It was a lot of fun hanging out with them. I love watching Kendall with kids. She’s going to be a great mommy. 041/366″Video”

040/366″Battle Field”

039/366″Battle Field” I use to share a property line with this place for four months and never noticed the huge tanks in the front of it. I’ve been driving past it a lot at night and noticed how cool the light looked when it hit from the back of it. I finally decided to get … Continue reading

039/366″Rush Hour”

038/366″Rush Hour” I’ve been wanting to shoot a time lapse of the rush hour of kids that come through the rental shop every time I work. Today was extra busy for some reason, but it made for a better time lapse. 039/366″Video” P.S. will post video sooooon.